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Frank Terstappen



NatuurStapEnzo will turn nature experience in a true experience! Together we will explore nature close to home and marvel in all its beauty and wonder. I will learn you to discover all of the secrets of nature and in doing so will provide you with an educating experience that will inspire you for a long time afterwards. NatuurStapEnzo is your expert guide and will take you to truly beautiful and surprising places. 2014 IJsland groep 4 NatuurStapEnzo in a nutshell:

•    Lectures

•    Workshops in the field of photography and flora and fauna knowledge

•    Travel

•    Collaborative exploration


Frank Terstappen, initiator of NatuurStapEnzo: “"I want to share the way that I experience nature with all of those whom want to hear, see, feel and smell the colorful, multifaceted nature.” “Through photography I want people, animals, plants and landscapes to speak and come to live in the pictures that I make.” This is my passion and I want to show and share this. In short: NatuurStapEnzo wants to bring nature closer to people.
Groep in vogelhut BK 7815 26079

Outdoor activities:

NatuurStapEnzo offers well-kept outdoor activities for small companions, in which fun, experience and relaxation are paramount:

• Experiencing burling deer in autumn;

• Discover Cranes when they return from their annual migration;

• Watching the many species of geese in our country;

• Travel into a National Park and discover what nature has to offer us;

• Photographing Seals on Helgoland;

• Photography during sunrise and sundown, in search for the perfect photo…



• Birding: Discovering, photographing and counting species;

• 1 on 1 coaching with a focus on photography and camera control / usage;

• Photographing animals in the wild;

• Experiencing nature: Each season has its own theme;

• A sociable walkabout in nature – let’s see what we discover!
• Inspiration talks for companies, schools, institutions and foundations.



For SNP guided nature tours I am one of travel guides. My specialty is birding and photographing and I was asked to guide their birding / photography trips to amongst others: Madagascar, Iceland, Bulgaria, Extremadura and more. For the current program visit: and / or my newsletter and blog.

If you would like to know more about the whole program look at the calendar on my website.


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